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Commitment To Safety And Environment

We at Bruce Woodmansee & Son's Construction, Inc. are dedicated and committed to the safety, protection, and health of our employees, subcontractors and clientele. Outside of priority, safety is our highest core value that is carried out and performed in all that we do. We have established a safety program and manual to prevent injuries and illness due to the hazards of the workplace.
Employee involvement at all levels of the company make it critical for us to be successful in this effort. To accomplish these tasks, WSC enforces daily tailgate meetings and has established a safety committee along with a full time Safety Officer. The Safety Committee meets monthly to bring workers and management together in a non adversarial, cooperative effort to provide information and recommendation to management. Our Safety Officer administers our extensive safety programs, visits jobsites and enforces all safety precautions as per our comprehensive Safety Manual as well as furnishing guidance to ensure the success of compliance with regulatory and legislated requirements.

In all of it's work, WSC is committed to a high standard of quality, safety and production, as well as to the protection of the environment through strict adherence to regulatory requirements. Recognizing the importance of environmental stewardship, WSC incorporates sound environmental management practices into both its day to day business and project specific activities.

Safety is our top priority!

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