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Completed Projects and Experience

Since its inception in 1997, WSC has successfully completed projects for energy clients throughout the Northeastern Pennsylvania. As illustrated by the list of our recently completed projects (below), WSC's work focus has included:

The installation of Oil and Gas pipelines, including  mainlines and gathering systems.

The performance of a range of pipeline construction, fabrication, restoration and maintenance.
Also provided is hydrostic and Pneumatic testing.

WSC has established a reputation for the provision of these services based on the performance of quality, cost effective work and has been successful in acquiring repeat business from clients.

Kropa, Loffredo, Bennett, Acker and Mead
Well Connects, Williams Midstream

July 2013 - December 2013
Susquehanna County, PA

Kielar, Payne, and Mclean
Well Connects, Williams Midstream

December 2013 - June 2014
Susquehanna County, PA

Launcher and Receiver Fabrication
DTE Energy

May 2014
Susquehanna County, PA
Bluebeck Pipeline
1300 FT of 8" Steel 16" Poly for DTE Energy
March 2015
Kropff Pipeline
4200 FT of 8" Steel 16" Poly for DTE Energy

March 2015
Karmazin Pipeline
7,000 FT of 8" Steel 16" Poly for DTE Energy

March 2015
Harmony Interconnect
2500 FT of 24" Steel 16" Poly for DTE Energy

April 2015 - Present
Susquehanna County, PA
Folkvard Pipeline
3500’ of 8” Steel 16” Poly for DTE Energy
October 2015
Whitehead Pipeline
2000’ of 8” Steel 16” Poly for DTE Energy
September 2015
Mark West
13000’ of 12” Steel
Douglas Pipeline
Fabrication Projects
Multiple Fabrication Project
Inlet Spools, Painting, Hydro Testing,
ROW Clearing and Maintenance
Cabot Oil & Gas
Well Pad Facilities Installations Blanket
(Warriner, Chambers, Petersen, Halliday, Ferguson, Housenick, Wright, Lambert, Abbott, Bolcato, Diaz, Kropa)

CAPE Enterprises
Andrews Air Force Base
Pipeline, Civil Work, Environmental, Excavation

ROW clearing and Maintenance
Multiple Gas Companies
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