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WSC owns equipment and vehicles to engage the services in pipeline construction, fabrication work, as well as maintenance services.

In addition, we have established relationships with businesses that rent construction equipment and thus has the capacity to quickly locate and deploy fully equipped construction and maintenance crews.

The principle categories of equipment and vehicles that WSC owns include:

  Construction trucks and trailers ~ Pickup trucks and ATVs

  Bulldozers, track hoes, loaders, excavators, graders, and forklifts

  Generators, holiday detectors & pipe layers (Side Booms)

  Sandblasters, compressors, and tampers ~ Welding rigs and tools

  Hot saws, grinders and complete lines of clearing equipment

In addition WSC also has specialized hydrostatic testing equipment including a mobile laboratory. WSC also has the ability to perform such testing under all seasonal conditions.

We have been members with ISNetworld since 2011
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